Umowa o pracę - Nauczyciel języka angielskiego
ICON Sp. z o.o. Aleje Jerozolimskie, Warszawa, Polska 28 kwietnia 2017

International Courses Online is an online language teaching company. By using front-age online video technology, we make the home-based English teaching for learners possible.

Umowa o pracę - Nauczyciel języka angielskiego

We’re looking for qualified teachers who are passionate about educating children. If you are enthusiastic, motivated, hard-working and willing to learn – this offer is just for you!




  • a good teacher
  • practical, honest and kind
  • a good role model: your English language proficiency level is high
  • you have the experience of living, working or studying in any English-speaking countries




  • Teach students of different age and language levels, i.e. Preschool (3-4), kindergarten level (5-6), and primary level (7-13)
  • Work in a supportive and collegial atmosphere.
  • Master your teaching methods and techniques, and broaden your cultural perspectives.
  • Full-time online teaching.
  • Have a competitive salary.

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