Staż/praktyki - Marketing-oriented researcher
SeeBeyond Advisory & Investment ApS Warszawa, Polska 16 marca 2017

SeeBeyond Advisory & Investment ApS is a Danish fitness company seeking for new opportunites on Polish market. We are looking for energetic people who could conduct research on fitness industry in Poland and thus help us decide if Poland is a good place to start our business. 


Staż/praktyki - Marketing-oriented researcher

  • If you know how to conduct market investigations and analyze these
  • If you understand how to interview people, process and analyze gathered data, to derive sound conclusions
  • If you are educated in marketing and understand the concept/timeline of how to go to market with a brand-new idea…
  • If you are interested in health and fitness
  • If you can think abstract, as e.g. a potential client, etc.

Then we have a task for you…

You will be our spearhead in the initial market investigation phase, the goal of which is for us to gain a better understanding of the Polish market and potential clients’ needs, and thereby conclude, if the Polish market is something for us to go into…

The outcome should be a well-documented and reliable report, which should give us the needed information and with the required level of details about a potential market opportunity that we currently see in Poland, with Warsaw as the first step.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • To perform the basic work in regards to a market analysis of the existing Polish market
  • To map and analyze the direct and indirect competitors in the Polish market
  • To map and analyze the potential market size and client segments 
  • Make estimates of the market potential for our product/service
  • To write basic reports and deliver written reports/white papers on specific tasks
  • To be our representative in the first stage of our investigation in Warsaw 
  • To make the first specifications for a local homepage 


  • A marketing education at a minimum bachelor level, preferably on the last years of a Master degree in marketing
  • Fluent in English written and spoken
  • Analytic and focused on details
  • Extrovert and easy going
  • Team player and flexible in your approach
  • Flexible working hours and flexible working place
  • Interested in health and fitness
  • Representable
  • Trustworthy and reliable


  • In the first phase, we offer a three months’ assignment with a specific deliverable outcome in the end (i.e. a written report). If we later decide to penetrate the Polish market, we may discuss a future cooperation, if we find this beneficial for both parties.
  • Hourly pay at a competitive hourly rate.
  • Opportunity to develop, especially if the market potential exists in Poland.

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