Staż/praktyki - Enterprise Infrastructure Operations and Technology Full Time Analyst Program
CITIBANK EUROPE PLC (PL) Warsaw, Polska 5 marca 2021

Technology is taking us further than ever before. We are accelerating the design and delivery of digital solutions that transform global finance, anticipate consumer trends and stimulate growth. FinTech is key to Citi making the right decisions at the right time – for clients, for employees, and for the business. Our team sees Citi as a technology company with a banking license.

And it’s no wonder, when their work involves robotics, AI, biometrics, virtual reality, and new trading platforms. Join us and you will hone your development skills, program in the latest languages, develop a „cloud-first” mentality, and ultimately help maintain a network that moves trillions of dollars a day.

Staż/praktyki - Enterprise Infrastructure Operations and Technology Full Time Analyst Program

You’re the brains behind our work.

  • You’re ready to bring your knowledge from the classroom to the boardroom, and Citi wants to help you get there. Whether it’s honing your skills or building your network, we know that success can’t come without growth. Our programs equip you with the knowledge and training you need to play a valuable role on your team, and establish a long-term career here. At Citi, we value internal mobility, and career growth is not a question of if, but when.

  • Citi’s Enterprise Infrastructure Operations & Technology (EIO&T) group is looking for Analysts to join its Analyst Program.  The Full Time Analyst position(s) are a two-year rotational program with a variety of different tracks available. The program starts in the summer following graduation with an intensive one-week orientation where you will learn more about our business, strategy, and shared vision.

Enterprise Infrastructure Operations and Technology (EIO&T) plays a central role in driving value for Citi and its clients. Citi’s EIO&T Poland includes:

  • Chief Information Security Office (CISO) is responsible for analyzing cyber threat information designed to increase Citi’s cyber threat awareness and protection levels.
  • Citi Technology Infrastructure (CTI) provide a critical technical foundation for the firm’s operations through the infrastructure that runs business and general user computing services.

Your typical placement will look something like this.

During their two years in the program, analysts will build the necessary professional skills for future leadership positions by participating in two rotations, Analyst assignments change each year based on the business needs of each EIO&T group.  Below are some examples of assignments:

  • Data Protection analysis
  • Software Development (wide variety)
  • Product & Project Management
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud Design
  • Converting raw data into intelligence
  • Performing web – testing and scans
  • Identifying defects in online tools
  • Creating dashboards and scorecards to summarize data
  • Provide an overview of sourcing processes to senior level management
  • Automating analytical processes
  • Advanced Analytics projects
  • API Development & Integration
  • UNIX/Wintel System Administration


We want to hear from you if…

  • You have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline

Preferred disciplines include: Computer Science, Engineering, Information Security, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, Cyber Security, Emergence or Crisis Management, or another analytical or technical-related program

  • You have an interest working in a high tech global technology environment and have a fundamental understanding of technologies, including by not limited to programing languages (C++, Java, etc.), application development, or basic concepts of relational databases.

Who we think will be a great fit…

Extensive work experience is not a requirement, but dedication to learning and a true passion for the business are vital. As industries all over the globe continue to restructure and grow, we are hiring professionals who have a global perspective on the future of banking, and want to make an impact on the corporate level. We value diversity and so do you. We’ll also be looking for the following:

  • Commitment to personal growth and career development, a strong desire to learn, and success in team environments
  • Knowledge of the global or domestic business landscape (a plus but not required)
  • Strong communication, planning, and organizational skills
  • Analytical and quantitative skills
  • Unquestioned commitment to integrity and ethical decision-making
  • Collaborators who are quick to seek the help of colleagues and recognize the value of teamwork, support, and mutual assistance
  • Enthusiastic leaders
  • Innovators who can think creatively and beyond the limits of a position or process
  • A client focused mindset with a goal of providing continuous improvement


  • We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

  • Here at Citi, rotational programs are intended to help you build a broad skillset and accelerate your career growth by gaining exposure to more than one role. Our rotational program will help you discover the best fit for your skills and long-term career goals at Citi. Upon completion of the Program, top-performing Analysts are eligible for promotion.

  • Analysts are hired into roles to perform jobs at the highest levels while continuously seeking ways to improve and innovate. Each analyst works in a highly collaborative environment to ensure that processes are implemented and utilized to facilitate peak operational functionality at Citi. Through ongoing professional and technical training and networking and mentoring opportunities, analysts build the necessary professional skills for future leadership positions within Citi O&T. EIO&T Analysts will join a training program upon joining the firm, where they will receive in-depth education on a variety of these topics to learn the fundamentals of the Analyst role, as well as the nuances of Citi’s culture.

  • Application will close on March 31st, don’t miss out on this great opportunity and apply now:

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