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EIT Food is a consortium of over 50 partners from leading businesses, research centres and universities across 13 countries. It is a people-centric and resource-smart transformer of the European food system, driving consumer confidence and improved global health. 2017 is the start-up year of EIT Food. Though a start-up, EIT Food is operating in an international environment and has characteristics of a multinational.

EIT Food members have a strong belief that the food sector needs to be transformed and that this can only be achieved by reconnecting partners within the food sector and by giving the consumer a more central role. The main issues the food sector is facing are that it is complex, fragmented, slow to adopt new technologies, not attractive to new talent, and not resource efficient. An effective food sector is needed to address major societal issues and challenges: feeding 9-10 billion people in 2050; 3 billion overweight people; 2 billion undernourished people; more than 30% of food wasted.

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