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O nas

TYLKO is an innovative tech-driven furniture company founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. We specialise in providing high-quality storage that our customers can adapt down to the last detail through the use of an intuitive online configurator and our AR-enhanced Tylko App.

We’re a tight-knit team of over 120 diverse specialists working in the fields of design, production, IT, marketing, communication, customer experience and much more. Tylko’s organisational structure is split into two categories: Tribes and Teams. Tribes represent the three primary arms of the business: Production, Marketing and Fulfilment. Tribes are further divided into cross-functional Teams.

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Branża: Internet / e-Commerce / Nowe media
Strona www:
Liczba pracowników: 100-999

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00-732 Warszawa, Czerska 18/67