Horses Grove | Holiday Internship | Summer 2019

Horses Grove is offering an internship over the Summer of 2019. This is an open project with many possibilities all revolving around Permaculture Design. Also known as Regenerative Agriculture , it is our intention to build an education center to teach people sustainable farming
The idea is to create a place, where people can come to see examples of good practices. At the moment we have started with the Mandala Kitchen Garden , a vegetable garden to feed 5 people. As projects are completed, processes and procedures must be put into place. Besides this, weekdays are for chores and gathering resources, weekends volunteers will come in to help with  projects.

Future projects will include:
Bio -Char
Wildlife Boxes
Chicken Tractor
Composting → with chickens
Worm Farm
Market Gardens

You will not be alone. We are attempting to build a community and demonstrate to people an
alternative regenerative lifestyle. You will be working with an international group of people. Some
of the people you will be working with are:

Adam Jastrzebski

Mike Klepacz


Your Role:


Horses Grove is intended to be an education center for regenerative agriculture. Along with the stables on residence, we will be building demonstration site showing the methods and benefits of permaculture.
Horses Grove is both a stables and regenerative agriculture institute. Alongside the horses, we are developing a place for people to learn permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and skills that modern people have forgotten. We’re here to build a community, learn from one another, and help
build a better future with nature. The property is ten hectares and located next to Gostynin, Mazowieckie. This space includes a stream along the property, a small pond, forested areas, pasture, training facilities for the horses,
tennis court, BBQ area for 30 people and soon a greenhouse.
If you want to be a part of this transformation to sustainability Message Us: